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The Second Annual Wilton Library Winter Writing Contest has officially begun and is open to Wilton area writers of all ages! Write about Winter in 500 words or less; a story, a poem, anything you like! Submit entries by February 8th in duplicate (one copy with your name and one copy without, for judging).

Happy Winter Writing!

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Around the hearth fire

Wilton Library is excited to offer an evening of storytelling live online with storyteller Tracy Chipman! Gather together with your family at home on the evening of December 30th from 7:00-8:00pm to hear “Around the Hearth Fire,” a collection of cozy winter tales. What a wonderful way to end the year! Call the library to sign up! You will be given a zoom link invite to the show.

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cozy craft kits

Cozy Craft Kits will be available at the library this December!  Love to craft or feel like trying something new??  Call the library to reserve a kit if you would like one. A limited number are available. Kits are designed for ages 7+.

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