Classic Novels: Middlemarch by George Eliot

MiddlemarchOkay, is anyone up for a challenge? Our Classic Novels book discussion group will discuss George Eliot’s Middlemarch on March 13th (kind of the middle of March). I will confess that this will be a reread for me. I first read Middlemarch while in college because a woman whom I admired claimed it as her favorite and now I count it among my own. This is not a simple British novel of beautiful girl, falls for the wrong guy, falls off a horse, realizes that the right guy was there the whole time. This book casts an intricate web over a broad range of small town characters who are not just romantic but they are intellectual, thinking and I’d argue “real” people. and just when you think, “How in the world is this lady going to pull this story together?”, Eliot works her magic like a spider pulling a web tightly around its prey. Suddenly all falls into place. If you are looking for a book with lots of action and plot twists this is not the book for you. It is a book where almost nothing happens (seriously!) but isn’t that how our lives seem sometimes? Then you look a little closer and see that life is all about relationships and understanding people. Much more important than the boy meets girl, happily ever after fairy tale. If you are interested in joining in the discussion, contact the library.

Wilton Writer’s Workshop

Wilton Writer's Workshop:  Life Stories
Wilton Writer’s Workshop: Life Stories

Do you find yourself entertaining others telling the stories of “back when you were a kid?”  Has someone told you, “You should really write that story down for your children?”  Would you like to share what it was like growing up the way you did?  These memories are as important a part of a family’s heritage as are photos, antiques and genealogy because these stories are a part of history told by people who have lived these everyday experiences.

The Wilton Public Library will be hosting a free series of six classes on writing stories of your own life experience.  The Wilton Writer’s Workshop will be led by Lyda Lanier and Gina Rae and held in the library on Tuesdays from 2-4 running from January 21st to February 25th.  This class will provide time for exploring story ideas, writing and sharing your stories for class feedback.  Participants can expect to complete five stories during the course.  Students should bring a wide lined notebook and a pen or pencil to the first class.  If you are interested in attending please call the library at (608) 435-6710 or send us an email at

If you need inspiration, stop in the library and have a look at our display of memoirs by famous authors.



What was in your Christmas Stocking?

Did you receive a new device for Christmas?  If loading free ebooks and/or audiobooks from the library’s online collection appeals to you, we can help.  Bring your device and your library card to the library and we’ll help you learn.  Every device is different and we are certainly not experts on all devices but we will take the time to help you make the most of your investment.Kindle-DX

Game Day at the Library




We found out today that a temperature of twenty below zero will motivate kids to spend a wild winter afternoon inside the library.  We had an exceptional turn out for our Game Day.  Cranium was fun and Sorry! is always a hit but I think that the competition was a little more intense at the Risk Table for World Domination.  Mark your calenders, our next Game Day at the Library will be on Friday, February 21st from 1-3.

Wilton, Wisconsin